What are the benefits of food and beverage tourism?

Food Tourism may sound like a fun or useful idea, but what tangible, measurable benefits can your involvement with our industry bring to you? Here's our short list of what you and the various players in your area can realize as you become more engaged in a sustainable food and drink tourism strategy:

  • More visitor arrivals
  • More sales (rooms/airplane seats/restaurant meals/wine/beer/car rentals/etc.)
  • More media coverage
  • A new competitive advantage or unique selling proposition (i.e. unique food and drink)
  • More tax revenue to government authorities
  • Increased community awareness about tourism in general
  • Increased community pride about, and awareness of, the area's food and drink resources

Data on the economic impact of food or drink tourism is hard to find. Only a few tourism offices or governments have ever conducted such research. It is also very difficult to discuss demographics of food travelers because all travelers eat and drink. That said, the Association is one of the few entities who has undertaken this task. Over a decade of experience in the food tourism industry has led us to conclude that approximately 25% of visitor spending can be attributed to food and drink while traveling. This percentage tends to be higher in more expensive destinations and lower in less expensive destinations.

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