Can you explain more how the one on one appointments work at FoodTrekking World?

30-60 days before the event takes place, registered attendees will be invited into our business to business matchmaking system to research potential meetings and book times with people and companies that you are interested in. The appointments take place during the Monday and Tuesday of FoodTrekking World, and each appointment is slated to last 9 minutes. This is face to face time where both parties present their companies to each other. Meetings take place at numbered tables so you'll be able to find where you need to go easily. At the end of 9 minutes, you'll change to your next appointment. With 9 minute meetings, every delegate can have just over 4 hours of meetings, which equates to 28 individual meetings. The meetings are broken into 4 different sessions to prevent fatigue. It's the best way to meet new business partners, distribution partners, salespeople, customers and more.

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